Puppy Kindergarten

Training techniques, basic commands and housetraining anyone can use to help their puppy become a well-adjusted and obedient dog.

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What you'll learn

  • What You Will Learn Icon The methods and techniques used in our positive, reward-based puppy training method.
  • What You Will Learn Icon How to puppy-proof your home and introduce them to other dogs or cats.
  • What You Will Learn Icon Basic commands that provide the foundation to help raise your puppy to be a happy and well-functioning companion.
  • What You Will Learn Icon How to housetrain your puppy.
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Course content

This course covers everything you need to know to train your puppy in foundational commands, including the science behind why our training methods are so successful. It also covers how to make your home welcoming and safe for your new puppy. 

Course includes

  • Scheduled Icon 7 lessons
  • Scheduled Icon 7 videos
  • Scheduled Icon 7 exams
  • Scheduled Icon 5hrs 25m time to complete
  • Scheduled Icon Certificate upon completion


  • Requirements IconAccess to a computer, phone or tablet
  • Requirements IconAccess to the internet
  • Requirements IconCollar, harness, or head strap
  • Requirements IconLeash
  • Requirements IconClicker (included)
  • Requirements IconTreats or toys
  • Requirements IconTreat bag


This course has several lessons, each with a progress exam and most with supplemental learning materials, such as videos, illustrations, and/or downloadables.

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Who this course is for

This course is for anyone who wants to welcome a puppy into their home in a safe, happy, and stress-free way. It is also for those who want to help their puppy master basic, foundational, necessary commands, as well as those who want to master positive reinforcement and rewards-based training. Those who are adopting a puppy in order to train them to become a service dog will also benefit from this course, as successful early training and bonding will make later service dog training much simpler.