Dog Tricks For Beginners

Teach your dog fun, beginners tricks like spin, speak, roll over and more!

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What you'll learn

  • What You Will Learn Icon The methods and techniques used in our positive, reward-based training method.
  • What You Will Learn Icon The foundation and history on trick training
  • What You Will Learn Icon How to teach spin, roll over, and more
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Course content

In this course, we cover trick training for dogs and how you can teach your pup to spin, speak, sit, roll over, and more. We also cover the benefits of reward-based training and obedience training and how these create a foundation for communication, bonding skills, and teaching your dog to respond to your commands.

Course includes

  • Scheduled Icon 5 lessons
  • Scheduled Icon 8 videos
  • Scheduled Icon 5 exams
  • Scheduled Icon 5hrs 15m time to complete
  • Scheduled Icon Certificate upon completion


  • Requirements IconAccess to a computer, phone or tablet
  • Requirements IconAccess to the internet
  • Requirements IconCollar, harness, or head strap
  • Requirements IconLeash
  • Requirements IconClicker (included)
  • Requirements IconTreats or toys
  • Requirements IconTreat bag


This course has several lessons, each with a progress exam and most with supplemental learning materials, such as videos, illustrations, and/or downloadables.

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Who this course is for

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to teach their dog tricks, as well as learn the basics of obedience and reward-based training. It is ideal for both first-time pet parents and more experienced owners who want to learn more about training and how to introduce tricks into their dog’s daily life.