The Best Dog Training in Eugene, OR

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Eugene (a city in Oregon) is located near the Willamette River, which is home to beautiful scenery and public parks. The city is also home to about 175,000 people and several thousand dogs. What’s more, Oregon is known for being a state that’s pet-friendly when it comes to indoor drinking or dining. Many public dog parks are also available in Eugene, which makes it a great place for people with dogs to settle down.

Eugene is only a good place to live with a dog when you get the proper training. Failing to train your dog properly will lead to misbehaving in public, barking too often, or causing other types of trouble. Therefore, it’s essential to have your dog trained for the unique experiences that you’ll have in Eugene.

We recommend considering trainers who have experience with leash training and hiking, which helps you maximize the scenery. Furthermore, consider group training with online or in-person trainers to make taking your dog out in public less of a hassle. You may also want to consider a behavioral modification training package if you adopt a dog later in life who has some behavior issues.

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Regardless of your dog training needs, we’re here to help you find the best trainers in Eugene. Read on to learn about the best options and check out the chart below for a summary of our top picks.

Trainer Price Training Types Online / In-Person
Dog Academy $49.99 – $349.99 Obedience Classes, Behavioral Issues, Puppy Training, Psychiatric Service Dog Training Both
Training Spot $135-$1,200 Behavioral Consultations, Personal Training, Puppy Classes, Group Classes, Online Services Both
The Well-Mannered Dog $144/month Puppy Classes, Dog Manners, Obedience, Fear, Reactivity, Advanced Training Both
Emerald Dog Training Club $120/6 weeks Puppy Classes, Family Dog Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Competition Classes Both
Dopamine K9 Training $75-$295 Virtual Consultation, Behavioral Consultation & Lessons, Pre-K9 Puppy Essentials Both

Online vs. In-Person Training

Choosing a dog trainer comes down to picking the right method (online or in-person), skillset, and personality. While skillset and personality depend on your needs, in-person and online training is a bit more objective. Depending on what your dog needs they’re both viable options, so understanding what differentiates these methods will help you make the right choice. We’ll take you through both methods below.

First, we’ll start with the in-person method. It’s the most popular option and has been around for thousands of years – ever since dogs have been domesticated. What makes in-person training effective is that trainers can interact with dogs physically to teach commands and respect. In-person trainers are also perfect for leash training because they can walk the dog for you. Some other benefits include access to services like grooming, daycare, and boarding.

On the other hand, there’s online dog training. Online dog training is perfect for people who need trainers with a flexible schedule. It’s easier to enter online classes and find trainers who can work within your availability.

Online trainers are also ideal for people who have a limited budget for training. Because courses are online, it’s less expensive for dog trainers to host programs because there’s no overhead. Online trainers have also become more viable over the last few years due to better video call quality.

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Perks of Online and In-Person Training in Eugene

Online and in-person dog training both have unique perks. We summarize them below.

Online Training In-Person Training
Cost Effective
Flexible Schedule X
One-on-One Instruction
Study at Your Own Pace
Socializes Your Dog X

The Best Dog Training in Eugene

There are dozens of dog trainers in Eugene who will help you improve your dog’s behavior. That said, some trainers offer better services than others and some trainers have better availability and pricing. To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a list of the best trainers in Eugene. We built our list based on the value provided through price, services, quality, and flexibility.

Dog Academy

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  • Online or In-Person: Online and In-Person
  • Types of Training Courses: Obedience Classes, Behavioral Issues, Puppy Training, Psychiatric Service Dog Training, Emotional Support Animal Training, Specialty Classes (e.g. Canine Confidence, Separation Anxiety)
  • Price Range: $49.99 – $349.99
  • Link to Website: Dog Academy Basic Obedience Training Program
  • Phone Number: 605-223-1971

Dog Academy isn’t just a single trainer in Eugene. What makes Dog Academy our top choice is that you have access to a network of high-quality dog trainers who have certifications for many American Kennel Club programs. In fact, you gain access to more than 1,000 trainers when you work with Dog Academy. The benefit of these trainers is two-fold. First, you have plenty of options to find a trainer who matches your needs. Secondly, you can find trainers for different courses like service dogs and ESA training.

Dog Academy is also great when it comes to flexibility and pricing. You can learn at your own pace and choose packages that include a set number of classes for a reduced price. Dog Academy also offers more classes than most online trainers and there are even some in-person trainers available depending on your region.

Training Spot

  • Online or In-Person: Both
  • Types of Training Courses: Behavioral Consultations, Personal Training, Puppy Classes, Group Classes, Online Services
  • Price Range: $135-$1,200
  • Link to Website:
  • Address: 90 Lawrence St, Eugene, OR 97401
  • Phone Number: 541-357-7387

Training Spot focuses on helping your dog learn new commands and behaviors through positive reinforcement. Trainers use new techniques that are backed by Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior (KPA), which continues to create innovative dog training methods for dog owners and trainers.

One of the best courses available with Training Spot is a class that focuses on puppies interacting with children. In this course, dogs learn to account for the behavior of children and learn to grow together with them. Therefore, it’s possible to have your little one and puppy become friends for life without the risk of aggression and other problems.

The Well-Mannered Dog

  • Online or In-Person: Both
  • Types of Training Courses: Puppy Classes, Dog Manners, Obedience, Fear, Reactivity, Advanced Training, Private Training
  • Price Range: $144/month
  • Link to Website:
  • Address: 2164 W 6th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402
  • Phone Number: 541-603-6868

The Well-Mannered Dog has training solutions that are designed to meet the needs of most clients. There are classes where dogs can be socialized in groups but with personal attention thrown in. Having a combination of group training and one-on-one time is the best of both methods, so you don’t have to worry about getting separate private lessons.

The Well-Mannered Dog also offers additional online resources. For example, you can read through the e-book, which will give you access to more dog training tips and tricks for you to use on your own.

Emerald Dog Obedience Club

  • Online or In-Person: Both
  • Types of Training Courses: Puppy Classes, Basic Obedience, Family Dog Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Competition Classes
  • Price Range: $120/6 weeks
  • Link to Website:
  • Address: 1000 Obie St, Eugene, OR 97402
  • Phone Number: 541-484-4661

Emerald Dog Obedience Club is a combination of a traditional dog trainer and an athletic dog trainer. There are traditional classes for dogs, puppies, and older dogs but also sports training. What makes this trainer stand out is the sports training because dogs will learn to compete in competitions.

If you have a dog that’s eligible to compete it’s important to train them with trainers who understand the games, which is what you get when you work with the Emerald Dog Obedience Club. The sports options available include classes like rally, scent work, tracking, and confirmation. Emerald Dog Obedience Club also has tests and assessments to determine how well-trained your dog is.

Dopamine K9 Training

  • Online or In-Person: Both
  • Types of Training Courses: Virtual Consultation, Private Lessons, In-Home Training, Behavioral Consultation & Lessons, Behavioral Consultation and Lesson, Pre-K9 Puppy Essentials
  • Price Range: $75-$295
  • Link to Website:
  • Address: 1670 W 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402
  • Phone Number: 541-505-4884

Dopamine K9 Training is all about keeping your dog happy throughout the training process. The three core principles at Dopamine K9 Training are commitment, connection, and innovation. Using these tactics the trainers craft unique training programs that are specific to each dog. These training courses are designed to help with stress, anxiety, obedience, and even walking on a leash.

Overall, Dopamine K9 Training is perfect for dog owners who prefer positive reinforcement and simple practices that get results.

Find the Right Dog Training for You in Eugene

Dog training isn’t always easy to find, especially if you don’t know where to look. The good news is that the trainers we recommend are always the best when it comes to pricing, experience, services, and flexibility. Still, some trainers will work better than others for your specific needs. So, always get a consultation before you work with a trainer. We recommend looking into organizations like Dog Academy that make the consultation process a breeze.

Also, consider what you plan on doing with your dog. Oregon is a big state, so if you plan on hiking trails with your dog make sure you get leash or off-leash training. Furthermore, make sure you socialize with your dog if you plan on living within the metropolitan area of Eugene to avoid any behavioral problems.