The Best Dog Training in Austin, TX

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Austin is the fastest-growing city in Texas. Recently, there’s been an influx of people from outside of Texas moving to cities like Austin. That said, Austin is becoming more packed than it used to be. While the city used to have open streets and not many vendors, it is now becoming more densely populated, similar to other cities in Texas, like Dallas. For these reasons, having a well-trained dog is essential. Not having a trained dog can be dangerous to others, yourself, and even the dog.

Luckily, we’re here to help with all of your dog training needs. Because Austin is a fast-growing city, there are dozens of great dog training options. We’re going to take you through online training options and in-person training options, so you can decide on which method is right for you. Still, we recommend beginning with online training because it’s more affordable and accessible.

A Look at the Best Dog Trainers in Austin

Trainer Price Range Training Types Online In-Person
Dog Academy $49.99-$349.99 Obedience Training, Puppy Training, Service Dog Training Yes Yes
Bark Busters  Consultation-based Aggression/Fear, Barking And Jumping, Separation Anxiety    No Yes
Dog Adventures $210-$1,300 Group Classes, Scent Training, Behavior Consultation, Trick Training Yes No
Sit Means Sit  Consultation-Based Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Training, Canine Angel’s Therapy Dog Program, Working Dog  No  Yes
Lucky Star $35-$6,600 Behavior Modification, Guard Dog, Rescue Dogs No Yes
Sirius Pup Classes $250-$300 Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy Training, Top Dog Academy Yes No


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Online vs. In-Person Training

When it comes to dog training in Austin, the options are in-person or online training. Both options are viable, so it depends on your preferences and budget. However, we always recommend getting started with online dog training. Online dog training is better to start with because you can determine if working with a trainer is even right for you and your dog. Plus, there’s less risk. Also, you can always progress to an in-person trainer later on if needed. Still, we’ll cover the strengths of both options.

Perks of Online and In-Person Training

In-person and online dog training both have strengths. For in-person dog training, the primary benefit is that you have one-on-one time to work with a trainer, and your dog can build a bond with the trainer. The secondary benefit of in-person training is that your dog can visit a dog park or be at a training location and train with other dogs. However, these benefits don’t stack up with online dog training because of innovations in video calling. Now, online dog training benefits from video calling, flexibility, and affordability. For these reasons, online dog training has become one of the best options for dog training across the entire country.

Online Training In-Person Training
Personalized Sessions ✔️ ✔️
Trainer Can Come to Your Home X ✔️
Affordable Options ✔️ X
Go at Your Own Pace ✔️ X
Socialize Your Dog X ✔️


The Best Dog Training in Austin

When it comes to dog training in Austin, we always recommend starting with online training because it can show you how your dog reacts to training without the high cost. That said, some great in-person dog trainers are also serving the area. Below are the best online and in-person dog trainers in Austin, Texas.

1). Dog Academy

dog tag saying dog academy #1 pick

Online or In-Person: Both

Types of Training Courses: Obedience Classes, Behavioral Issues, Puppy Training, Psychiatric Service Dog Training, Emotional Support Animal Training, Specialty Classes (e.g. Canine Confidence, Separation Anxiety)

Price Range: $49.99 – $349.99

Link to Website: Dog Academy Basic Obedience Training Program

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Phone Number: (605) 223-1971

Dog Academy is always our top choice when it comes to dog training, regardless of where you live or if you need online or in-person training. We prefer Dog Academy because the company has several trainers from across the country, and some are based in Texas. Therefore, you can get Texas-specific dog training. Dog Academy is also an industry leader when it comes to video technology and trainer connections. All of Dog Academy’s courses are designed by AKC-certified trainers, and their programs are affordable, flexible, and highly effective. Furthermore, Dog Academy allows you to customize your experience and mix and match packages/bundles, including mixing online and in-person training. Whether you’re just starting or need a refresher, you can’t go wrong with DogAcademy.

2). Bark Busters

Online or In-Person: In-Person

Types of Training Courses: Aggression/Fear, Puppy Training, Front Door Control, Barking And Jumping, Obedience Training, Off-Leash Control, Separation Anxiety, Sibling Rivalry

Link to Website:

Price Range: Consultation-Based

Address: Client’s location or otherwise specified location

Phone Number: 877-500-2275

Bark Busters is one of the best in-person dog training programs in the United States. While the Austin location is great, Bark Busters can also service other areas like California, New York, and more. Bark Busters was founded in 1989 and has become the global leader in regard to dog training. In fact, the organization has worked with over 1 million dogs. For the Austin area, Lori Carr is the dog training specialist. She has two dogs of her own and over nine years of experience working with dogs. Plus, she’s excellent at behavior modification like aggression, manners, and preventing bad behavior. With Bark Busters’ support, Lori Carr is our top choice for in-person dog training in Austin, and she comes to you!

3). Dog Adventures

Online or In-Person: Online

Types of Training Courses: Private Classes (1-on-1), Group Classes, Scent Training, Puppy Training, Dog Obedience, Private Obedience, Behavior Consultation, Trick Training

Link to Website:

Price Range: $210-$1,300

Phone Number: 406-407-4161

Dog Adventures turns online dog training into a fun game. Instead of being serious like some other online platforms, Dog Adventures feels like an adventure. While there are courses and classes with experienced and licensed trainers, these classes have a challenging element to them. For example, your dog can earn more points each week and get extra rewards. By leveraging this reward system, it’s more enticing to train your dog, and your dog will respond better to more treats and positive feedback. Dog Adventures is also budget-friendly and has a flexible schedule for weekly sessions. Plus, there’s no pressure if you miss a class; just reschedule without added cost!

4). Sit Means Sit (South Austin)

Online or In-Person: In-Person

Types of Training Courses: Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Training, CGC Testing, Canine Angel’s Therapy Dog Program, Community Canine, Day Camp Day Training, Dog Handling, Group Classes, Hunting Dogs, Private Classes, Reactive Dog, Puppy Classes, Therapy Dog, Vet Trips, Working Dog

Link to Website:

Price Range: Consultation-Based

Address: 8708 S Congress Ave A190, Austin, TX 78745

Phone Number: 512-348-7833

Sit Means Sit is one of the most popular in-person dog training companies in the country. With locations across the United States, it’s not surprising to find a location in Austin. What makes Sit Means Sit special is how many options they have and how flexible the trainers are. Trainers can come to your location, or you can board your dog with a trainer. Furthermore, Sit Means Sit pours a lot of resources into rehabilitation. Rehabilitation training is great for older dogs because they don’t always get the attention or care they need. For a big company like Sit Means Sit, this is a touching thing to do that makes a larger company feel more personal.

5). Lucky Star

Online or In-Person: In-Person

Types of Training Courses: Dog Boarding with Training, Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare, Dog Walking, Obedience, Behavior Modification, Dog Safety, Pet CPR, Private Lessons, Guard Dog, Scent Detection, Rescue Dogs

Link to Website:

Price Range: $35-$6,600

Address: 14901 Bescott Dr, Austin, TX 78728

Phone Number: 713-419-8686

Lucky Star is one of the more recent in-person dog training options to come to Austin. While the company has only been around since 2013, Lucky Star delivers exceptional dog training services. What makes the company unique is the trainer’s dedication to daycare, boarding, and in-home sessions. Ultimately, Lucky Star does its best to make pet owners and dogs feel comfortable. Doing so is rewarding, and the boarding and training option gives pet owners more flexibility. Plus, you don’t have to be present for training which is great for people who work full-time or on the weekends.

6). Sirius Pup Classes

Online or In-Person: Online

Types of Training Courses: Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy Training, Dog Training Essential Puppy Training Course, Top Dog Academy

Price Range: $250-$300

Link to Website:

Phone Number: 1-800-419-8748

Sirius Pup Classes brings structure to online dog training. While one of the benefits of online dog training is that it gives people more flexibility, sometimes too much flexibility is a bad thing. Sirius Pup Classes does maintain flexibility but with a schedule that holds dogs and their owners accountable. For example, the basic schedule is five sessions that last for 50 minutes, and each class takes place on the same day at the same time each week. Furthermore, Sirius Pup Classes breaks each training course up by age. Therefore, you simply provide the age, and their site matches you with the most appropriate course and trainer.

Find the Right Dog Training in Austin for You

If you want to train your dog in Austin, our guide has presented you with some of the best options. That said, we always recommend starting with online training. Because online training is more affordable and flexible, it gives dog owners a way to train their dog and observe how their dog responds to training without much risk. If you plan on going the online route, make sure you start with DogAcademy. Their trainers are second-to-none and can help you get started with your dog training journey.